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Specials at Rocknasium

Monthly Locker Rentals!

May 19, 2014


Monthly Locker Rentals for Members Only!

Members’ lockers can be added to your automatically billed monthly dues. We are keeping the prices as low as we could - just like our regular membership and fitness prices!

We have two types of lockers in the gym:

Large lockers -
    -18 lockers are located behind the bouldering wall.
    -These are $12 per month with built in re-settable combination locks.
    -These lockers are 1 foot wide, 2 feet tall, and 15 inches deep - large enough for your pack, street clothes, workout and climbing gear.

Small lockers -
    -18 lockers are located in EACH of the Men’s and Women’s bathrooms.
    -These are $8 per month with built in key locks (or you can provide your own combination lock).
    -These lockers are 1 foot cubes big enough for your climbing gear or your street clothes.

The fine print:
You are welcome to share your locker with your climbing partner, family, housemate, friend etc. Please respect the shared space and make an attempt to keep your lockers clean.

Rocknasium will periodically clean the lockers and will maintain master keys for the comfort and convenience of our customers.

We ask that lockers NOT be used to store food and drink or other perishable items. Use of lockers to store any illicit materials will NOT be tolerated.

While lockers are secure, please do NOT store valuables in your locker. Rocknasium is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

Lockers that are occupied but NOT paid for more than 60 days will be emptied and rented to a new customer.

Rent your locker now!
- The Rocknasium Staff

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