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About Rocknasium

Team Building

We offer a unique set of courses that focus on the cooperative element found in climbing. Our Team Building Workshops are ideal supplements to management training programs and as group “ice breakers.”

The challenges in our workshops emphasize the need for working together within a larger group and/or with a partner. The activities presented highlight skills essential to group cohesiveness.

We always tailor our courses to your group’s size and needs.

A general course consists of:

  • Three low element group challenges.
  • Climbing with belay instruction
  • Our “Jump for your life” or Zip-Lining challenge

Team Building Workshop Details
Group size: 10 person minimum recommended
Cost: $35.00 per person for a three or four hour event
Suggested times:  8am to 12:00pm on weekdays

Mon-Fri 10am-11pm -- Sat 10am-9pm -- Sun 10am-6pm


Rocknasium Climbing Gym, 720 Olive Drive, Suite S, Davis, CA 95616