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Boy & Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other Youth Groups are one of our specialities at Rocknasium!!!

Whether you are looking for an afternoon outing, overnight program, skill or team building, or to simply have a good time together we’ve got a program for you. We offer similar programs for Boy and Girl Scouts as well as other youth groups such as community centers, sports clubs and teams, church and school groups, etc. Programs range from basic 3 hour climbing sessions, to team building events, scout merit badge training, and overnight lock-ins!

“Overnight Lock-Ins” are a great option for Boy and Girl Scout groups. Our Scouting event staff are BSA Climbing Merit Badge trained and certified, and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer a quality Merit Badge training event. Overnight lock-ins run from 10pm to 6am and cover everything from basic climbing, bouldering and belaying to more advanced technical skills. Scouts will learn proper equipment fitting and use, how to correctly tie themselves into the rope using a “figure-eight follow-through knot”, as well as climbing & belaying techniques, rappelling techniques, more knots, rope/equipment management along with the proper commands and communication skills needed to become a successful team of climbers. There is also more intensive written work plus interactive practice and testing.

Keep in mind that striving for a merit badge during an all-nighter is a committing task, one that will require your scouts to have the attention span and determination to fulfill their goals. The cost for an overnighter is $25 per scout NOT seeking a Merit Badge and $30 per scout seeking a Merit Badge. There is a 20 scout minimum. Overnight Lock-Ins mean that the gym is exclusively yours for the duration. This allows the group to focus exclusively on the tasks at hand, as well as frees us up to provide elements that are not as easily accomplished during typical operating hours.

Remember - Scout training is NOT just for Boys. Girls climb every bit as well as boys, sometimes better - we see it everyday at Rocknasium. So of course we offer a “Girl Scout Training Program” that provides girls the same classroom and practical skills as boys!!! Girl Scout programs can be structured like any Boy Scout Merit Badge Program in the format of an awesome Overnight Lock-In Event. Girls that complete Rocknasium’s over-night climbing training may earn a special achievement certificate!

Scout merit-badge training events can also be scheduled as a two-part daytime event if an overnight event is not possible for whatever reason. In that case the first session will focus primarily on basic climbing skills, while the second session will delve deeper into the more complicated knowledge required for merit badge training.

Scout groups may also want to schedule a “regular” 3-hour climbing party just to have some fun!

“Regular” Group Climbing Session

  • Time: 3 Hours
  • Cost: $18 Per Person
  • Minimum: 8 Kids ($144)

2 session Boy Scout Merit Badge OR Girl Scout Training Program

  • Time: 3 Hours for session 1 & 2-4 hours for session 2
  • Cost: Session 1 - $18 per person
  • Cost: Session 2 - $23 per person
  • Minimum: 8 Kids ($144)

Overnight Lock-In Event for Scouts or Groups

  • Time: 10pm - 6am
  • Cost: $25 per person non Merit Badge
  • Cost: $30 per person Merit Badge
  • Minimum: 20 Kids ($500)

Give us a call 530-757-2902 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you want to schedule a youth or scout group or to ask more questions.

When booking please specify if you are looking for a Merit Badge event. Feel free to inquire about tailoring an event to your group.

Reservations are required.  Please reserve as far in advance as possible and allow for a credit card number as a deposit at the time of the reservation.

All participants under 18 years of age MUST have a Rocknasium waiver signed by their parent.

We hope to see you soon!!!!

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